Instructor Petition to the management of Vail Resorts


Dear fellow instructors of the Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School:


We intend to present the linked petition to the management of Breckenridge and Vail Resorts because we share concerns related to the following urgent and important topics:


(1) the safety of the teaching environment on the mountain; 

(2) the establishment of a meaningful system to give instructors a voice in corporate policy; and 

(3) compensation and other employee policies necessary to build and retain a professional, enthusiastic and sustainable team of qualified and well-trained instructors.


At the time you are reading this, the petition has been signed by 115 full- and part-time educators from across the spectrum of discipline, age, and tenure at the Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School. Upon receipt of at least 100 signatures, we will deliver this petition to management to express our requests as a group.


We believe in the foundational values of Vail Resorts and live them every day.  We raise these issues to help Vail Resorts better fulfill its commitment to Serve Others, Do Right, Be Inclusive, Drive Value, Do Good, Be Safe, and Have Fun.  As a primary point of contact with the guests of the resort, our goal is to provide the experience of a lifetime for those who visit our resort. We hope to work with management to agree on mutually beneficial solutions to some critical challenges.


We believe that these proposed changes will greatly enhance our ability to provide our guests with a safe, positive, and fun experience, allowing us to better communicate our love of and passion for skiing and snowboarding to them. We share with Vail Resorts the goal of creating the next generation of skiers and riders and hope that these requests are met in the spirit of cooperation. We are confident that the investment that Vail Resorts makes in the creation of a safer teaching environment and a satisfied and enthusiastic teaching corps will pay significant dividends to the Corporation through increased guest satisfaction and the retention of a loyal customer base.


To the first-time instructors new to the resort: Please discuss the matters raised in the petition with more-seasoned instructors.  Though these issues may not seem important yet, we hope that you will come to understand their importance to your future career here at Breckenridge.


To our part-time instructors: Though some of the issues presented mostly impact our full-time colleagues, the petition has been drafted in consultation and collaboration with part-time instructors to ensure that we are addressing everyone’s concerns. We strive to ensure that all instructors are heard and valued.


We are eager to hear the concerns of all instructors, and we hope to be able to communicate those concerns to management. If there are other issues you believe need to be addressed, we would love to hear them. Please email us at


The requests in the petition reflect the common concerns of Breckenridge snowsports instructors raised over many years. We stand in solidarity with workers in other divisions of the resort who share similar concerns related to their areas of operations and the ability to afford to live in the community where they work. We also support our supervisors and managers who are attempting to assist us as best they can while severely understaffed.


We look forward to working together to find common ground with Vail Resorts management to improve the experience of Breckenridge employees and guests alike.


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